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Art Shows | 2022

May 7- 8: Children's Art Oak Bluffs Elementary
May 27- June 19: Photography Show
June 24 -July 6: Garden Show
July 7 - July 20: Plein Air
July 21 - August 3: Textiles and Sculpture
August 4 - August 17: Still Life and Lights
August 18 - August 31: CONTRAST Drawing and Abstracts
September 1 - September 14: Art Circle
September 15 - September 28: Celebrating the Sea
September 29 - October 11: The Art Critic Show
curated by Gwyn McAllister

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Children’s Art
Oak Bluffs Elementary School

Mothers Day Weekend 

May 7-8

Reception: Friday, May 6- 3-5pm

Book signing Sunday 2 pm

"Scaredy Cat" by Kate Hancock


Photography Show

May 27 to June 19

Opening Reception: May 28 


This show is celebrating our island photographers landscapes, Reflections, Fashion, photo Collage, black and white and color will all be represented in this exciting opening show.


Dena Porter, LA Brown, Peter Dreyer, Gabrielle Silva, Nancy Cramer, Hillary Noyes-Keene, Sharon Rosenfeld Scott, Anthony Austin, Alida O'Loughlin, Janna O'Loughlin and Pia Centenari Leonard

D Porter MV Museum IV (3).jpg

Garden Show

June 24 to July 6

Opening Reception: June 25th


Let’s celebrate Mother Nature in all her glory! The Garden Show includes a variety’s of mediums and subjects. From birds and bees to flowers represented in paintings and constructions.


Scout Austin, Hermine Hull, Marston Clough, Ellen McCluskey, Liz Taft, Jennifer Langhammer, Kathy Poehler, Debra and Robert Yapp, Susan Rust, Theresa Yaun, Clair Chalfoun, Helayne Cohen, Franklin Folts, Lynn Combs, David Joseph, Billie J Sullivan, Stephanie Slater, Sheila M. Fane and Joan Hewson

Teresa Yuan


Plein Air

July 7 to 20

Opening Reception during Art Stroll July 9

4-6 pm

Six iconic places are the subjects of this show. Chilmark Barns, Waterworks V.H., Oak Bluffs Campground, Edgartown Harbor, Aquinnah Cliffs and Chappy Lighthouse. Come to see the many interpretations of the island vistas the artists have chosen to paint.


Liz Taft, Katy Upson, Dale Julier, Hermine Hull, Linda Ziegler, Marston Clough, Linda Thompson, Judy Howell and Leslie Baker

-Linda Ziegler

IMG_7758 (2).jpeg

Textiles and Sculpture

July 21 to August 3 
Opening Reception: July 23


If texture speaks to you, don’t miss this show. Fabric constructions, Felting, Found Object Sculptures, Quilting .


Nancy Cramer, Marston Clough, Sandy Bernat, Julia Mitchell, Joyce Maxner, Jennifer Langhammer, Charlotte Cole, Eleanor Stanwood, Debra and Robert Yapp, Martha Mae Jones  and Clair Chalfoun


Sandy Bernat

Still Life and Light

August 4 to August 17    

Opening Reception during Art Stroll August 6


Light provides energy to all art. Exploring the source of light, the moon and stars and sunsets. Still life’s and how they explore light to create mood and artist created lamps.


Renee Balter, Liz Taft, Ruth Majors, Scout Austin, Hermine Hull, Marston Clough, Ellen McCluskey, LA Brown, Pia Centenari Leonard, Leslie Baker, Teresa Yuan, Stephanie Slater, Suzie Pacheco, Sheila M. Fane, Lyn Hinds, Linda Thompson, Judy Howell, Susan Rust, Hillary Noyes-Keene,  Joan Hewson, Barbara duBois, Chetta Kelley and Helena  Blagojeire.

Renee Lantern (2).jpg

Lantern by Renee Balter

Renee Balter

CONTRAST: Drawings and Abstracts

August 18 to August 31.  

Opening Reception: August 20th


Contrast is the theme. Fine lines and detail in contrast to splashes of colors and shapes will bring this show to life. Paintings and monotypes, charcoal, and pencil and collage will be on display.


Scout Austin, Hermine Hull, Marston Clough, Fan Ogilvie, Kathy Poehler, Chip Coblyn, Helayne Cohen, Frank Folts, Chetta Kelley, Lyn Hines, Hillary Noyes-Keene, Susan Rust and Leslie Baker.


Leslie Baker

Art Circle

September 1-14

Opening Reception during Art Stroll   


For twenty five years, eight artists who live and work on Martha's Vineyard have been meeting monthly to discuss ideas, great exhibitions, books, business goals, and the inspirations that drive their art. The women work in a wide range of mediums -painting, printmaking, clay, fiber, sculpture and paper - and their conversations are always rich. They describe their monthly get-togethers as a "celebration of collaboration, friendship, shared dinners...and ongoing circle of musings on the ever-changing art world".

Nancy Cramer-monotypes, Jennifer McCurdy-porcelain, Sandy Bernat -paper, Leslie Baker-painting, Ruth Kirchmeier -woodcuts, Julia Mitchell-tapestry, Marie Louise Rouff- painting, Heather Sommers- painting and clay.

Jennifer McCurdy Gilded Tsunami Vessel 9.5x9.5x13 Photo by Gary Mirando.jpg

Jennifer McCurdy

Celebrating the Sea

September 15 to September 28
Opening Reception: September 17


Ships and boats of all sizes, paintings of historical vessels. Things that live in the sea, the shoreline and it’s beauty. We are throwing the net wide to include all the things that artists have expressed in their admiration of the sea.


CJ Conrad, Ruth Majors, June Schoppe, Debra Yapp, Scout Austin, Hermine Hull, Marston Clough, Kathy Poeler, Garreth Heath, Jennifer Langhammer, Theresa Yuan, Stephanie Slater ,Helayne Cohen, Frank Folts, Susan Rust, Hillary Noyes-Keene, Sharon Rosenfield Scott, Linda Thompson, Martha Mae Jones, Joan Hewson, Sheila Fane and Clair Chalfoun.


Kathy Poehler

Artists You Should Know

September 29 to October 11

Opening Reception: October 1


Gwyn McAllister has been covering the Vineyard art scene for close to 20 years - writing for the Martha's Vineyard Times, Arts&Ideas, Vineyard Style and other publications. Throughout that time she has written about a number of artists who she feels are underrepresented in the gallery world. For this show Gwyn has gathered work from some of her favorite "under the radar" artists to provide an opportunity for guests to discover Island artists who they may be unfamiliar with, and to spotlight some work that she has found fresh, new and exciting.

Ed Schulman, Beth Smith , Billie J Sullivan, Jack Ryan, Renee Balter, Whitney Cleary, Marston Clough, Sandy Bernat and Janet Woodcock.

Home: Exhibitions

MV Museum IV
-Dena Porter

June Schoppe

Ed Schulman

2021 Exhibitions


Art for Ukraine

May 21-22    12-4pm

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to Sunflowers of Peace ( a non-profit organization committed to help Ukrainians affected by the Russians military invasion.

Thank you to ALL the Artists and Patrons and special thanks to Leslie Baker for a successful fundraiser for Ukraine


July 9
August 6
September 3

Forging Relationships with Artists and Collectors

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